PawTrails Smart Collar

Puts You in Control of Your Pets

Welcome To PawTrails

PawTrails is the smart collar we have all been waiting for and is suitable for dogs of all sizes.
It’s your best pet carer and your everyday connection with your beloved four-legged friend. 

Now you get to control your pet, by a simple click on your smartphone.

Smart Collar

Locates your pet for you, monitors their activity and records your adventures. The answer to all your pet related problems.

Smart Harness

If you don’t want your pet to wear a collar no problem! Our Harness offers the exact same functions as our smart collar.


Thanks to the GPS technology in PawTrails Smart Collar, you can check the location of your pet anytime through the PawTrails app.


The PawTrails app allows you to monitor how active/inactive your pet is over 24hours, week etc.


You can also record the adventures you go on with your pet(s), you also have the option to share on social media to let your friends and family know what you’re up to.


PawTrails allows you to determine whether your pet is overweight, underweight or the ideal weight.


PawTrails is an Irish company which offers 100% support to our customers.


We have designed PawTrails around the needs of pet owners. The device and app have numerous features such as GPS tracking, Health Monitoring, Safe Zones and much more.


We charge only €2.99 a month for activating the device, which connects your smart collar to your PawTrails app.