PawTrails App

 Keep Connected With Your Pet

PawTrails is designed to be a user friendly mobile application which is available on both Android and IOS devices.

You will be able to easily live track the location of your pet and manage your pets’ activity all in the one place.


Real Time GPS Tracker

Thanks to the GPS technology you can check the location of your four-legged friend at any time through the PawTrails App.

Safe Zones

Create a number of safe zones, a safe zone is a virtual fence around a specific area like your home or a friend’s house and receive a notification if your pet leaves the zone.


Activity Monitor

The PawTrails app monitors your pets’ activity – it will show you how often they are chilling, wandering or being lively within the time period you are interested in.


The application enables you to notice any changes in your pet’s activity over time and allows you to show the information to your vet.



Record the trips of your four-legged friend(s) and share with your friends and family on social media. The App will allow you to see the Total distance, total time etc. during and after the walk.


PawTrails also allows you to add guests to your PawTrails app- which allows your friend / loved one to also track your pet when they are missing and monitor its daily activity, trip recording etc.


Record the trip of more than one pets at the same time. That way you can compare their average speed, max speed etc.


Activity Management

PawTrails had the pleasure of working with a veterinary surgeon for this feature of the app. Joe Keane is a veterinary surgeon and has been a vet for over 20 years. If you have ever been unsure of how much you should be walking you pet based on his size, Joe has all the answers imputed in out app.

Health Management

Our PawTrails app also allows you to determine whether your pet is the ideal weight, over/under weight. This information was also gathered from Joe- it ensures your pet is at a healthy weight.

Available on iOS and Android

PawTrails is FREE to download on your iPhone, iPad, Android devices.